How To Prepare Your eCommerce Store For Christmas?

Written by Beatrice Raphaella Aranton

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Planning for one of the largest financial boons of the year can never be started too soon. As many consumers start their Christmas shopping hauls early, it pays off to start planning for an effective eCommerce strategy now. This blog will discuss how you can amp up your eCommerce store Christmas marketing strategy with some sure-fire marketing tips to get you going.

10 Steps to Prepare Your eCommerce Store for Christmas 2022

1. Make use of retargeting strategies

Some users merely browse stores. They’ll visit your website, peruse your products, and then decide to leave without buying anything. But this does not imply that they are uninterested or that you lose them as clients. Using the proper marketing automation solution, you can create email sequences specifically for customers who left their shopping carts on your website.

2. Build anticipation on social media

Social media is a terrific platform for businesses to share interesting, worthwhile content that encourages customers to buy. In addition to marketing blog posts on social media, you ought to be producing educational content that is beneficial to your audience. Remember to incorporate a sense of urgency into your social media marketing campaign this Christmas, but be careful not to go overboard. If buyers see too many “limited time deals,” they might soon start to lose interest and disregard them.

You can first launch an e-commerce SEO strategy and advertise your discounts on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Try putting advertisements on those networks to draw attention and inform your followers that you are offering items at absurdly low costs.

3. Ensure sufficient customer reviews

You want to have as many reviews available to you as you can when Christmas rolls around. Here, you want to amass a choir-sized number of adoring clients. In the lead-up, this entails doing some legwork. Your eCommerce store for Christmas needs reviews, therefore you should make every effort to get them. Your social media ads will undoubtedly be more persuasive if you include client reviews on your website.

4. Optimise your site for mobile users

According to studies, 71% of respondents in a Rakuten Insight survey on buying behaviour in Singapore said they intended to shop online during the year’s holiday sales. With this figure, it is crucial for firms to invest in developing mobile-friendly e-commerce websites. Mobile-first economies’ development is hampered by several obstacles, including small screens, challenging checkout and payment procedures, and security concerns. These are the elements that businesses should take into account while building mobile-friendly websites.

5. Fix any website issues

Your eCommerce store’s Christmas sales may significantly increase if you pay close attention to your site’s performance and statistics in advance. Your Christmas eCommerce store campaigns could succeed with a high-performing website. Expect more visitors to visit your website than usual because this is one of the most anticipated shopping holidays each year. Remember that your e-commerce website loads more slowly when more visitors are on your page concurrently. Customers are likely to leave the moment they encounter that when looking through your offerings. Conduct an e-commerce website check as soon as possible to ensure that your clients won’t experience any issues with the functionality of your website leading up to Christmas.

6. Plan a campaign to promote new products

The Christmas season is a fantastic opportunity to launch a new product, but for your product launch to be successful, you must instil fresh anticipation among both existing and potential customers. Using your blog or running in-store promotions will help you spread the word. Product releases are mostly advantageous since they highlight your business and brand. This additional focus can frequently result in an increase in customers and sales of both your current and future products.

7. Segment your email marketing audience

Planning ahead and developing a number of email marketing campaigns specifically for your holiday specials will help you optimise your email marketing approach. Time-sensitive deals are the focus of the famous eCommerce store Christmas sales. Your email marketing should evoke a feeling of urgency with intriguing subject lines that entice recipients to read the message. Start organising, generating, and scheduling your email campaigns.

8. Simplify the checkout process

If the checkout process is complicated or slow, buyers with the intention may start it but may not finish their purchase. Small UX design mistakes may result in cart abandonment and therefore lost sales. Not having enough payment alternatives is a direct barrier to finishing the checkout process. To allow your consumers the freedom to pay when it’s convenient for them, offer as many payment alternatives as you can. Prioritise the most widely used payment alternatives because setting up many payment options is expensive. You’ll be able to make more sales as a result. Additionally, you can let customers check out as a guest so they can enter their email and proceed with their purchase. Since users may now add their payment and delivery information, the checkout procedure appears to be faster.

9. Build a strong customer support strategy

Providing excellent customer service is crucial to the success of an eCommerce store’s Christmas marketing. One instance of subpar customer service is all it takes to harm your brand’s reputation. This can drive away your clients and potential sales. Because so many online transactions are anticipated, you should be ready for a surge in customer service demands. You need to give visitors multiple ways to contact you for customer assistance. Getting concerns fixed in a single transaction and speaking with an informed customer service person are, for customers, the most crucial parts of customer service. You can think about making yourself accessible to customers directly or having a backup plan in place. Trust in your brand can be increased by offering excellent customer service.

10. Mention your website on external platforms

By linking to your website on all of your social media sites, not only can you ensure that it receives sufficient online visibility, this also boosts your chances of increasing your eCommerce sales. It’s the quickest and most reliable approach to direct people to your website. This could also require you to develop unique offers for particular distribution channels, but overall, you should keep your eCommerce store Christmas campaigns cohesive. In addition to maximising visibility and requiring low overall investment, coordinated efforts will also help users who are researching and looking for a store through your brand platforms avoid misunderstanding.

Ready to Start Your eCommerce Christmas Preparation?

As an online marketer, you may constantly hope for bigger revenues and greater consumer involvement. With a plethora of eCommerce stores competing for attention, securing a steady stream of customers requires effort.

We have provided you with some crucial marketing tips that will enable you to step up your advertising efforts and increase sales over the Christmas season. Visit Shopindot today to start generating more sales during the Christmas holiday shopping season.


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