eCommerce Copywriting: 5 Tips to Create Effective Copy

Written by Beatrice Raphaella Aranton

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eCommerce Copywriting: 5 Tips to Create Effective Copy - ShopInDot

What is eCommerce copywriting?

eCommerce copywriting refers to any text or written content you create for an online store. Examples of eCommerce copywriting include landing page text, product descriptions, or any written content you produce for an online store. Your writing abilities can increase sales on landing sites, category pages, product descriptions, and promo offers, among other things. Ultimately, the objective of eCommerce copywriting is quite simple. You need to succinctly outline the advantages of your products while also assisting in your online store’s improvement in search engine rankings. But what are the steps in achieving that?

ShopinDot lists the 5 steps you can explore in order to craft eCommerce copies that sell!

5 Tips to Write Great eCommerce Copy

1. Write like how your audience speaks

You can connect with your readers on a personal level when you write as though you are speaking. They would be more motivated to read on as a result. Try writing as if you are simply conversing with your audience. That way, it would be much easier for them to believe they are receiving more than just a business message. We mistakenly believe that using corporate jargon will make us sound smarter, yet sophistication might actually cost you connections. Your primary objective should be to engage with your audience. Naturally, there are various levels of formality for different markets. Yes, there may be occasions when you must “suit-and-tie” it up a little. This is most likely the case if your sector is more closely related to professional services. In either case, though, you ought to write in the same manner as you would speak to them in person.

2. Focus on benefits rather than features

Features might be anything like size, color, or content. On the contrary, benefits describe how a product will meet a customer’s wants. In the nutraceutical sector, advantages could include better skin tone, more energy, less joint discomfort, etc. It’s simple to concentrate on the qualities of your product rather than the benefits when creating text for your marketing materials. These might range from brochures and sales letters to trade show materials and website content. However, the advantages will unquestionably generate more sales than the features ever would.

3. Add customer reviews

Displaying client reviews on your website is crucial when starting a new eCommerce firm because it helps you build trust with potential consumers and increase eCommerce sales. Customer testimonials are crucial for generating social proof. This basically means that our decisions as consumers are influenced by what other people think. When we find other customers being satisfied with their purchases, it increases our propensity to buy the product. Now that product reviews are so widespread, many shoppers will automatically check for social evidence, especially on bigger eCommerce sites.

4. Include facts and figures to increase your credibility

Finding the correct words is a research-driven process. This may only be the beginning of constructing a good eCommerce marketing content strategy. Facts strengthen the trustworthiness of your product description; as a result, we’ve all been taught to pay attention to statistics, data, and other pertinent information. Prospective buyers forget they are being sold something after reading facts. Your sales pitches are made more compelling and engaging by eliminating any barriers.

5. Supplement facts with stories

The most convincing product descriptions combine reality and fiction. Facts support your reader’s purchase while stories pique their interest. Our minds are programmed to think in narratives. The secret to creating direct response copywriting is to assist the customer in picturing the product in their lives. A story may be extremely brief. Through this step, you can use stories to narrate the benefits of your product or service. You can verbally paint the picture of how much better their quality of life will be after purchasing.

Level Up Your eCommerce with Copywriting That Sells

The next step is to engage an experienced eCommerce website development firm now that you are familiar with the advantages and caliber of a good eCommerce copy. Your eCommerce business first and foremost needs to have a clear yet detailed marketing strategy in place. Lead generation is a component of this strategy, and ShopinDot can help you with that. Let us assist you in establishing your target market or buyer persona and in creating copy for your promotional strategies.


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