About ShopInDot

About ShopInDot

ShopInDot is A Digital Platform that Showcases Products and Services that are Accessible to All

ShopInDot was conceived in 2021 in the wake of Covid-19 as a response to evolving circumstances.

There has been an increased focus on online shopping and eCommerce due to Covid regulations. Thus. Shopindot’s objective is to level the playing field by helping business owners to regain their footing through showcasing their websites on a platform that is accessible to everyone. In doing so, consumer traffic from ShopInDot can ideally be directed to their websites. With our aptitude for marketing and the top-notch quality of our clients’ products and services, we have faith that ShopInDot will be a resounding success.

What’s in this for you?

Naturally, ShopInDot is a free portal, and we will not be charging any fees for businesses to be featured in the present and the future as it is ultimately envisioned to benefit SMEs. Think of it as free publicity! Users of ShopInDot stand to gain as well, as you may very well discover a brand that you have unknowingly been sleeping on. ShopInDot is created by Verz Design- a Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) Pre-approved Solutions Vendor. In essence, it is a gesture by us to give back to our esteemed eCommerce clients that we have established amicable working relationships with. This is a direct testament to the impeccable quality of VerzDesign’s customer service and websites.

How You Can Help

Kindly consider sharing our ShopinDot portal through social media, word of mouth or through any other means to increase publicity and awareness of ShopInDot. In turn, the SME websites featured on our websites will receive more attention from consumers on the internet and gain traction. Please feel free to start sharing with your family and friends about ShopInDot’s utility and to get the ball rolling! We understand how difficult it is to scratch and claw our way up the ranks of an industry in pursuit of success. ShopInDot is our endeavour to make that arduous journey easier for startups and SMEs in Singapore.

Fun Fact

It’s All in the Name

We devised ‘ShopInDot’ as a love letter to Singapore’s thriving eCommerce shopping scene. Coincidentally, you can’t spell ‘Shopping’ without ‘Shop in’! ‘Dot’ refers to our affectionate nickname for Singapore- ‘Little Red Dot’. Alternatively, it is a metaphor for the ‘.’ that always precedes the com in website URLs for them to be valid. Likewise, we hope that ShopInDot is equally essential as a boon to the eCommerce industry. A little wordplay goes a long way for creativity!

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